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I am really happy when two extra hard and stiff pricks keep my three fuckholes busy. It is a super sensation when two of my three pleasure holes are violently rammed at the same time. The two guys drilled their stiff roots as far as they could in my mouth, between my thighs and in my arsh. Any deeper was not possible.
First comes sucking and blowing then the homework.
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Normally when I arrive home I do my homework first. The exception is, when a stiff prick is waiting for me at home then I work on that first. I swallowed his prick so deep I was almost sick before he wildly fucked me. As my father always said “Set your priorities” this I did before I sat down and did my maths homework afterwards.
I lost the bet so I must suck his prick and balls.
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It looks as though I need a bit of practice or did he cheat on me? I did not win a single round. It did not last long before I sat completely naked before him and must let him fumble around on my breasts and rub and lick my clitoris. My stake was, if I lost, that I must give his prick a blowjob and lick his balls. As I lost I must honour my pledge I did it for him.
The first prick in my arsh.
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Actually I thought that an arshhole was like a one way street in one direction only namely outwards. That one can slide something in and out of it I only found out from my classmate. I naturally wanted to try it for myself so I allowed a prick to be stuck in it for the first time. At the beginning it really hurt as his thick prick stretched my anal muscle but the pain soon subsided and the feeling was absolutely heavenly. As a reward I received a full load of sperm all over my buttocks.
Comparing tits with my girlfriend.
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When we were still going to school together we often pulled up each other’s pullovers to compare how our breasts were developing. Unfortunately we do not see each other very often anymore but when we do meet from time to time and are alone in the room, we quickly strip off our shirts and start to squeeze, weigh and lick each other’s breasts in a sort of frenzy. Now I would like to know: who has the prettiest tits?
This prick will probably hurt a bit!
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I was just about to start to try out the new fuck-pillow of my girlfriend as her boyfriend came from behind the curtain. Boy, I have never seen such a giant prick in my life. As I wanted to give him a blowjob, I grabbed hold of it but had trouble getting the giant thing into my mouth properly but when my classmate manages to get it into her pussy, I can surely attempt to get it into my mouth although it may hurt a bit.
Sprayed in my sore pussy.
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Actually all I wanted to do after school was to completely relax and stroke my clitoris but as suddenly a stiff prick was there at my disposal I decided to use that instead. As my pussy was already moist he could start immediately to satisfy my desires. As he sprayed my already hot and sore pussy with a shower of sperm the session came to a happy end.
Sex games after class.
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I am always happy when I hear the bell signaling the end of classes for the day because I can go home and completely relax. What could be more relaxing as naughty and prolific sex games with my classmates? That way I find doing my homework afterwards is a lot easier than usual.
Licking the teacher’s hairy pussy.
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What one will not do to receive a good score in class? I would even be prepared to lick the rarely fucked pussy of my teacher. Before I can suck her clitoris or lick her pussy lips my tongue must force its way through a whole forest of pubic hair.
Fucked like crazy by two youngsters
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That was up to now the best fuck of my life to be worked on by two at the same time. What more can a girl want? From one of them to be fucked like crazy while giving the other one a blowjob. As soon as the one fucking me runs out of steam, they simply change places. Then it is the turn of the other one to fuck my pussy like crazy. I would love to continue this swap-places-game as long as the stamina of the two can keep it up.
Mouth and pussy deeply fucked.
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I always have a lot more fun when I can put his prick in my mouth and blow it until it is stiff as a broomstick. He then follows by ramming his stiff rod rapidly and deep into my pussy as far as it will go. I would really love to do this more than once every day.
Tried anal for the first time.
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My classmate told me that her boyfriend loves fucking her in her arsh. That must hurt when a stiff hard prick pushes through the anal muscle. What is sexy about that? To find out I tried shoving one of my fingers up my arsh followed by another one and continued with both of them massaging my hole. I did not hurt at all. Maybe I will try again with a prick providing it is not too large.
My first time with two boys.
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It is super sexy to do it with two boys at the same time. With one of them I sucked on his prick so hard it almost reached my tonsils and gave him an extensive blowjob while the other one licked on my pussy until it dribbled with pleasure. Whether I can top this we will see when I try-out the two boys next time.
Fucked to extreme and completely sprayed
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This is how screwing is fun. This well-trained youngster first of all screwed me giving full throttle like a dog from behind. Luckily my pussy was already wet and moist otherwise it would have been fucked sore after a few minutes. My tits have never bounced up and down so wildly as during this fuck. He rounded off the session by fucking me hard from the front cooling down my pussy, which was already running hot, with his fuckjuice.
Can I already perform a good blowjob?
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Did I do it right? I am still a complete beginner but I try to do my best always so that the prick quickly becomes hard and stiff and is ready to fuck my young pussy. Write and let me know if how I did it was correct and if not, what do I need to do so that I can perform better. I would be thankful for every tip I receive.
Father`s friend pumped me full (Creampie)
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That I did not expect from my father`s friend. He did a lovely job of fucking my soaking wet pussy. Suddenly he stopped boring his stiff prick in and out between my thighs and without warning pumped his load of sperm into my pussy. He could have, at the least, asked me if I am on the pill. What would he have said when I told him that I had to tell my father that he is to be the father of his own grandchild?
Just look, no penetration
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I can also be nasty. Completely naked lying in front of him with his weapon ready to fire, I rubbed my pussy until it was fully moist and all he could do was to stand there and watch. To prove that my pussy was already moist and was ready for a fuck, I allowed him to quickly feel how moist it was. Nevertheless I did not allow him to press his stiff rod into me.
Exchange student`s giant prick covers me in sperm
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I promised the exchange student that when he gives me a really good fuck I would give him a massage. This I did for him in this video. With both hands and my mouth I gave him the best treatment I could. Much to my surprise after a short time his giant prick spat its load at me.
Playing with the prick of my father`s friend
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Actually I did not want to touch his prick but he simply shoved it into my hand and said I should play with it a bit. One can really do a lot with such a piece of equipment. I started off by rubbing it until it was stiff and hard with my hand followed by pressing it between my breasts. Best of all is when one holds it in one’s mouth and feels with one`s lips how even more blood is pumped into the fleshy rod.
Licked to an orgasm by an exchange student
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I told the young boy that I was a virgin and that I was scared of having my first sex. He replied that he would like to introduce me to love and sex in a different way. I must say he did a really good job of it. My pussy really enjoyed how he started by tickling my pussy lips and my clitoris and as a climax he licked me to a super orgasm.