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Interesting game. The two boys had blindfolded me and I must choose which prick I should use. To tell the truth, both of them had wonderful specimens. I took my time so that I could play with each one as long as possible. Unfortunately as I placed the thicker one of the pricks in my mouth, the other guy simply buggered off. Obviously he was annoyed. It does not really matter as I then did not have to decide which one to use as the problem solved itself.
Fucking in the open and nearly caught.
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It could have been so nice. I had not had such a hard prick in my mouth and between my tits for a long time now but as he stuck his thick rod in my pussy, which almost exploded, a car drove up and we had to get out of there as quick as possible. This always happens when one is really enjoying something.
My girlfriend and I massage ourselves.
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Jointly massaged and jointly climaxed is a lot more fun than doing it alone under the bed cover. Both of us put our feet down hard on the throttle and at high speed rubbed our pussy lips and our clitoris` while the other looked on. Neither pussy remained dry.
Fucked in my dry arsh
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Without any sort of warning or oiling my arsh this guy simply put his hard stiff prick at my arshhole and shoved as hard as he could. It was extremely painful as my anal muscle was stretched by his first thrust but it finally turned out to be a very enjoyable anal fuck.
My girlfriend stroking herself.
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I could see that she was uncomfortable. Although we know each other in and out I simply laid down in front of her, made myself as comfortable as possible and watched closely as she massaged her pussy lips, rubbed her clitoris and fingered her hot pussyhole. After a while both of us had moist pussies.
Pussy balls.
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Two mini footballs for my pussy. For me it was a lot more fun than chasing a piece of round leather all over the pitch. First one mini ball in my pussy then the next before I pulled both out again. After I had done this for a couple of times I noticed how much pleasure my thighs experienced with this procedure.
DP. Prick in arsh, dildo in the pussy.
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After a long pause, I wanted to try if I could get both my fuckholes stuffed at the same time. As there was only one guy present I used my favourite sex toy to stimulate my pussy while he drilled his hard prick in my arshhole. I again had a lot of fun. Now I am again ready to have two hard rods shoved in my pussy and my arsh.
A quicky between homework duties.
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I love to be distracted from my homework, which I really could not be bothered to do anyway, by a big stiff prick. His large rod came at just the right time. I first of all sucked it hard so that he could fuck me deep between my moist thighs. After so a pleasing fuck, I could fully concentrate on my homework again.
A magic wand for my clitoris.
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That is really a super toy that my girlfriend gave me as a present. A massage rod for my pussy. I naturally tried it out immediately. I must say that anybody who does not have an orgasm when her pussy lips and her clitoris are massaged by this magic wand is not normal because her slit will become soaking wet, her clitoris will almost burst for pleasure and her whole body will quiver right down to her toes.
Hot sex games during a threesome.
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This is how sex is a lot of fun. Having my girlfriend lick my tits and my pussy as I give the young boy`s prick a blowjob or even licking and kissing my girlfriend as I rub the boy`s hard prick. The whole session really turned all of us on because his prick and our pussies were simultaneously stimulated.
Seducing my best girlfriend.
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Up to now I was always pampered by my girlfriend. Now I want to do something for her so I turned the tables on her. In the middle of the kitchen I pulled down her panties and pampered her pussy. Very quietly but audible I could hear her sigh as I licked her clitoris, rubbed her slit, which became more and more moist, with my finger and massaged her pussy lips. I think she really loved all of it.
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In this sort of weather my teeny pussy has a lot of fun when it is fucked in the open air by two young boys. Alternately each of their young pricks may fuck my very moist pussy. As one of them fucked me, I sucked the prick of the other so that both of them remained in good spirits. They both were only allowed to go home after their hard pricks had sprayed their juvenile juice between my tits.
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My girlfriend is a tiny spoilt bitch. She does not miss an opportunity to play around with my pussy because she knows what it needs. In this video she had licked my clitoris as she fingered my pussy until it dribbled for pleasure. After she was finished working on my teeny pussy, she pushed my dildo into my mouth so that I could taste my own juice. For this she received a big kiss from me.
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She is what I call a tolerant girlfriend. During our threesome I was allowed to be fucked by her boyfriend as she watched the action. It really turned me on knowing that she was watching how he fucked me finally spraying me with his sperm. I have the feeling that she thoroughly enjoyed watching because when we were finished she gave me a really big kiss.
Licked and fingered by my girlfriend.
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With this girlfriend I love to romp and play around at the moment. It is irrelevant where it is and to which time of the day it is. Nobody has shown me so much devotion and tenderness as her. Understandably my teeny pussy is always very moist and ready to be kissed by her lips and massaged by her fingers.
Double blowjob for two 18 year old youngsters.
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Double blowjob for two 18 year old youngsters.
I am always immediately randy when I get out in the open air. I therefore immediately grabbed hold of two youngster’s pricks and rubbed and sucked them so that they would be ready for the strenuous task that they would later have to perform. Let’s see if, simultaneously, they are able to fully satisfy me.
A lively threesome.
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It makes me unbelievably randy when I can romp together with a boy and a girl. I first watch as the boy screws his girlfriend then I join in so that both of them can pamper me by fondling and stroking me all over.
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We were finished with the boys but I was still randy and I wanted to continue. Luckily my girlfriend was still here and started to lick me and then slid her dildo in and out of me until my teeny pussy was completely satisfied. Nothing is better than a good girlfriend.
Big tits versus little tits.
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Two teenies with completely different tits. One with large firm breasts, the other with only a couple of buds on her chest. Which pair of teeny tits would you rather grab, fondle, lick or suck on? What would be your decision?
An 18 year old at our mercy.
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In this video my girlfriend and I have grabbed the next possible 18 year old. Together we did our best to turn the youngster on. As we had naturally expected it did not take long before he sprayed his hot load of juice all over my body because he was unable to hold it back any longer