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Although taxi rides are expensive, with a little initiative one can receive a rebate on the price. Simply open the zip of the driver, take his prick in your mouth and vigorously suck and blow on it. Although it does not increase the safety of the drive it makes it a lot cheaper.
Fucked on the parking lot as strangers watched.
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This super weather really turns me on. I did not waste any time although we sat in a car in the middle of a parking lot. His pricked was sucked on, my pussy was rubbed until moist and then I was fucked in the car until the shock absorbers started squeaking. I was not bothered by strangers watching as he pounded me and finally sprayed his load all over me.
Fucked in the centre of the city.
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Sexual intercourse in a non-stopping zone. That I had never done before. The guy suddenly stopped in the centre of the city and fucked me in his tiny sport car as hard as he could. That was so exhilarating that it did not bother us that passers-by could clearly see what we were up to.
Penpal sucked off during a ride.
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This guy must be really talented. He could still drive although I massaged his prick until it was rock hard and sucked on it until it shot its load all over the dashboard, all of this without him causing an accident. Not everybody can manage that.
Double fucked and double sprayed.
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This is what every girl dreams of, being fucked by two guys until she does not know up from down nor whether she is a boy or a girl. After one of them had pounded my pussy for a while and sprayed his load all over it, the other joined in and continuously fucked me until his prick sprayed its sperm right onto my venus mound.
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Now I know what it is like when two guys rip open my arsh. These two guys rammed me alternately in my sweet hole with their two giant pricks. Without mercy they stretched my rosette with their thick rods until it was so wide you could have fitted a bottle of champagne in it.
How well my girlfriend takes care of me.
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Although we had not seen each other for quite a while, she started immediately to lick me. It is really pleasing to have such thoughtful girlfriends who know straight away how to do something nice for old friends.
Preparing two guys for a fuck.
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You would have also become randy when either one of these two guys had sat with you on your sofa. I showed both of them slowly what they could expect from me should they be allowed to seduce me. Anyway it did not last long before both of them had rock hard pricks.
My first attempts at SM.
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As I love to try out almost everything, I have asked my girlfriend to punish me somewhat harder than she normally does. Although she was somewhat careful, you notice it when someone smacks you with a paddle on your naked arsh. Of course she could not resist tapping me lightly on my pussy lips. Although I can imagine how it feels being hit a bit more forcefully, I think she should have hit me a little harder.
Public photo-shooting.
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In this video I have granted a like-to-be artist his strange wishes by stripping off completely in the open air so that he could photograph me in front of a car as it drove past.
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I thought that both my fuckholes were about to burst as the two youngster began to ram at the same time my pussy and my arshhole at one hell of a speed. It hurt like mad at first as the two thick poles rammed into me but then both holes stretched to take them. After a while both holes were so stretched that the youngsters could finish working on my holes with no further pain for me.
Old tongue licks young pussy.
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The older lady from the after-school maths tuition showed me that she not only can teach me maths. Very delicately the hairy randy lady licked my pussy lips and sucked on my clitoris. How she did it was despite her age really exhilarating so I can definitely confirm that experienced tongues lick better.
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I can endure a lot of things but fairy sex is not one of them although the way the two guys started working on me is extremely unusual. They alternately fucked my pussy like crazy. It was so wild that my fuckhole nearly starting glowing. After so a session I must give my pussy a pause so that it has time to recuperate.
My first foot job.
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This is the first time that I have pampered a guy’s prick with my feet but there is always a first time for everything so I stuck it between my feet and rubbed like mad. After a while my legs began to ache so I took a pause from using my feet and gave his prick a couple of sucks with my mouth after which I continued with my feet until he blew himself off.
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All of my fuckholes were made use of by these two guys. As one of them shoved his rod into my throat until I nearly reached, the other fucked me from behind in my teeny pussy like a maniac while, at the same time, he prepared my pussy for further assignments with his fingers and his tongue which stretched it a little.
Pissed-on for the first time.
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This guy said to me that my tits were out of this world. I thought immediately that all he wanted to do was either grab them, cover them in oil or massage them but to my surprise he really wanted to piss on them. This is what I was not expecting but as I love to experiment I kneed down in the bath tub ready to receive his warm jet of urine.
Prick crazy kitty cat.
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Just like a beast of prey I crept up upon the two pricks and rubbed and sucked on them until they were both rock hard. At the same time the blond youngster fingered and licked my pussy to prepare it for the upcoming thrusts it was to be subject to. As there were two stiff pricks, my arshhole was also prepared for a few thrusts by stretching and then licking it until it was moist.
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One of the disadvantages of an outdoor fuck is how does one get the sperm out again as quickly as possible? After he was finished I started to press down and jump about as wildly as possible in an attempt to get the stuff to run out of my pussy. Hopefully all of it ran out.
Creampie quicky.
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That was one of my quickest fucks to date. He did not even manage two minutes before, without any sort of warning, he sprayed his hot sperm in my teeny pussy.
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So that my lesbian girlfriend realises that fucking can be very pleasurable, I have surprised her during her midday rest. I strapped on a rubber prick and fucked her in as many positions as I could manage. She appeared to like it. Whether I convinced her that a fuck with a real prick is even more pleasurable, time will tell.